Digitalization in Exectuive Search Philippines

Traditional Research Methods

Several years ago, traditional research methods were key components in building an extensive database. Consultants and recruiters would saturate phone directories, do cold calls and heavily rely on referrals. Some would even sponsor events or create organizations as a strategy to secure clients and candidates.

Nowadays, modern day methods have made recruiters life easier through numerous online-based portals and applications.

Modern Methods

There are several HR management consulting and executive search firms in the Philippines who would claim that their competitive advantage from other executive search companies is the use of technology-based platforms. They position this as a unique selling point to speed up their recruitment process.

The potential for executive search consultants to add value in the digital era is significantly higher now than it has been in the past. Technology has made the dynamic executive search industry more exciting, interesting, and challenging.

Linkedin, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data are just tools that help recruiters’ job become faster and more efficient.

Digital Era is not a Threat

While there is no doubt of the positive impact of the digital era has on the executive search industry, the fact remains that it is the interpersonal relationships that search consultants build with their clients and candidates that lead to successful partnerships. Consultants place the “HUMAN” aspect in the process while leveraging on accessibility and reliability of technology-driven tools.

RGF Executive Search Philippines Inc. a top executive search firm in the Philippines, has been in the industry for close to 2 decades and continues to provide exceptional customer service by combining traditional and innovative best practices. This is their competitive advantage among other executive search firms in the Philippines.

As a leader in executive search, RGF values its clients and candidates by focusing more on relationship building coupled with a rigorous recruitment process while upholding corporate social responsibility, and ensuring highly ethical and professional engagement with partners.


About the Author

Heidi Buencamino has a total of 14 years of experience in Sales & Business Development, 9 years of which in recruitment and executive search covering various industries. Throughout her experience, she was heavily exposed to Hospitality, FMCG, IT–BPO and Technology sectors.

She is presently Associate Director for Business Development in RGF Executive Search Philippines (formerly Bo Le Associates Philippines) covering and supporting all practice industries.

Posted On 2019-08-07