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Aside from responding promptly to interview invites, following up after submitting your application and after being interviewed is also a key factor in ensuring a savvy relationship-building strategy with your recruiter, may it be directly to the company or through an executive search firm. Simply because, not following up might just become a missed opportunity, either for updates in application progression, or worse, recommendations for possible employment or other job openings. Done right, follow-ups can tip the scales into your favor by staying on top of the recruiter’s minds.


Here are a few recruiter-friendly suggestions for following up on the recruitment process:

Tips on Following Up After Submitting Your Application
  • As soon as you enter the application process with a certain company or with a recruitment firm, submitting your curriculum vitae even with a cover letter is definitely not the end of your work. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a series of steps in the recruitment process, and it can get frustrating as the days and weeks drag by without receiving any form of feedback. 
  • For instance, if you haven’t received an acknowledgement either via personalized email or an automated response from the applicant tracking system within 2-3 days, you may quickly shoot a message through email or social-media (company website) in order to make the recruiter aware that you uploaded a cover letter and resume to a job posting. 
  • While you’re at it, be specific about your fit. Be sure to briefly showcase your interest to be a part of the company, match the necessary qualifications to your expertise, and put in a good word as well on the best practices that you can share with the organization. 
  • To be honest, beyond individual preference, it’s not so much the format you use but on the content of what you say. Make it short but engaging. 

Tips on Following Up After Your Interview

  • Once you are done with the interview, keep in mind to discuss the appropriate next steps with the recruiter before leaving. You should get clarifications particularly on the timeline, the probable succeeding interviewers, and the preferred medium of communication to get in touch (email, phone, social media, etc). This is basically to manage the expectations from your end on the proper moment to follow up with the process. 
  • It’s essential to reflect on what you’ve discussed as well. Make mental notes of the impressions you had, the ideas that you happen to come up with, or questions you forgot to ask; as you can further use these in composing follow-up messages. 
  • Strengthen your interaction with your recruiter by sending a thank you note a few hours after the interview or on the following day. This is an elegant reminder of your appreciation and interest level. It’s also a great way to give your application some human touch. 

Lastly, help recruiters remember you, and meet halfway. Stand out from the pack of candidates they assess per day. Commit to memory that every communication you have with a recruiter, whether it’s on call, online, or a personal meeting, is considered an integral part of the entire job hunt; and will therefore make or break your chance in getting that dream role.

By Eds Enslie

Posted On 2018-04-25