Millennials Who Thrive – Three Misconceptions about Millennials in the workplace

Among all the generations in the workforce, the Millennial generation, defined by the Pew Research Center as those with birth between 1981 and 1996, is by far the most talked about—in all the ugly ways it can be. Millennials, now aged between 21 and 37, are stigmatized for being “the most entitled and self-absorbed in human history.” as per the article published by Telegraph authored by Tanith Carey on the 10th of July 2017. As a Senior Research Associate in one of the top executive search in the Philippines, while I do my research, I came across tons of articles about the “problem” with millennials in the workplace as well as guides on how to manage the millennial employees. As the millennials join the workforce, let’s discuss some of the common misconceptions about this generation in the workplace.

MYTH: Filipino millennials are obsessed with tech and social media.
FACT: Filipino millennials need to be adept to adapt.

Filipino millennials revolve around the utilization of technology whenever possible to save energy, time, and money. For example, besides face-to-face headhunting or in my case executive search, we use social media platforms to recruit quicker to a wider network and connect with potential candidates. 

It may appear that millennials spend most of their time on social media to instantly connect with friends and loved ones, voice out opinions and share daily updates. But millennials also need to step up their game and be adept with other technological advances, including phones and new apps, gadgets, computer programs and software.

MYTH: Filipino millennials are spoiled and entitled.
FACT: Filipino millennials are straightforward and outspoken.

Filipino millennials are not spoiled adults. Millennials have developed both the attitude and courage to be more forward with their thoughts through social media platforms e.g Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Wherein I believe they are much more comfortable to voice out their opinions whether related to politics, career trends or economy.

MYTH: Filipino millennials are money-driven.
FACT: Filipino millennials are family-oriented.

Millennials may have a different approach on how they invest or spend their hard earned money but it doesn’t mean they are money-driven; it is only a small factor why they work. Some millennials might be confused about the career path they wanted to pursue but most of them are very passionate when it comes to their work.

Rgf Executive Search Philippines Millenials Who Thrive2

Filipino millennials are not driven primarily by a goal to have a lot of money. Yes, they do aim for financial independence and a need to earn to do the stuff they dreamed of like traveling take MBA program etc. but the Filipino millennials would like to give back to their family, especially to their parents.



By Alyssa Banal , Senior Research Associate

Posted On 2018-08-28