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Persistency and consistency are powerful traits to possess as an executive search consultant. In a highly dynamic, diversified, and competitive market of executive recruitment business in the Philippines, you will need to embody these traits in order to succeed.

There have been so many formulas for success. Of course, each will depend on you and the circumstances that you are in. But I believe success begins with the right mindset and right attitude. Persistence always comes with patience. Patience is a state of mind and endurance, while persistence is more of acting with the proper attitude in order to achieve something. However, persistence without purpose is ineffective.

Let us apply this in Executive Recruitment.

Our purpose is to become a partner to both our clients and candidates; to be the instrument that will facilitate means to achieve their goals. For the client, to be able to provide qualified talents that can contribute to the success of the company, and for the candidate, to present a better career opportunity and work environment.

Rgf Executive Search Philippines Persistenct And Consistency 3 768x334 1

We demonstrate persistence in reaching out to countless of candidates until we have a qualified shortlist. Similarly, we are also persistent when it comes to ensuring coordination and communication with our clients especially those who are not able to give timely and detailed feedback. Patience must be exhibited whilst doing these actions.

Consistency must also come into play. Success takes ongoing efforts; you have to be consistent with your actions to achieve your goal. Consistency means stable and constant, which translates to dependability. Dependability is another characteristic that both clients and candidates look for in an executive search partner.

Demonstrating persistence and consistency builds credibility and trust. Once you have earned this, you will receive a higher level of commitment and partnership with your clients and candidates.

Living all these traits and making them a habit, I believe, is the best formula in becoming a successful partner and leader in executive search.

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Posted On 2017-03-29