Incidences of cyber attacks, from the SingHealth data breach in Singapore last June to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal pertaining to the US presidential election in 2016, have been climbing steadily.

The cyber security landscape has become increasingly complex and a major area of concern globally due to factors like the increasing reliance on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and migration of data to the cloud. And now, with the proliferation of online cybercrime and malware attacks, many organisations are more inclined to take measures towards preventing and mitigating the threats of potentially crippling data breaches.

The RGF Asian Intelligence “Telecommunications, Media & Technology Outlook 2019” report provides further details of the driving forces behind the tremendous transformations within the Security Services industry as well as the immense growth potential industry players could capitalise upon.

According to Adil Driouech, Senior Director of Technology and Digital Media and Services, RGF Executive Search Japan: “The market is witnessing a shift from threat prevention to threat detection, which requires more investment in security-related research and technology, as well as hiring talent across APAC.”

The industry, however, is facing a dire shortage of security talent with the necessary skill set in artificial intelligence, neural networks, blockchain, quantum computing, IoT, and other emerging and evolving technology fields.

Further insights on the talent gap and hiring trends can also be found in the report.

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Posted On 2019-12-05