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The rise of Asia as a growing economic power in recent decades has provided talent with key industry skills and experience a slew of new career opportunities, as well as the flexibility to work across borders with international teams. What do these candidates look for when evaluating their options, and what are the most important factors influencing their decisions when making new career moves?


The RGF International Recruitment’s “Talent in Asia” report serves to answer these questions. It lays out the market forces (such as those driving the burgeoning Healthcare and IT industries) that dictate employment and recruitment trends in individual countries across the Asia Pacific region (APAC).


Here’s a foretaste of the key trends and talent perspectives to be found in this report:


  • The most important factors on the list of priorities for the majority of jobseekers, the expected average salary increase when switching jobs, and the most preferred country for those thinking of relocating.
  • In all the Asian markets, fair and competitive salaries rank the highest on jobseekers’ list of priorities, with high-calibre colleagues and career advancement opportunities following respectively.
  • Interestingly, fair and competitive salaries are more important than career advancement opportunities for 66% of the respondents.  
  • Although work-life balance is a common issue companies of today have to contend with, it only ranks among the top 3 factors for the Hong Kong and Japan markets.


Other useful intelligence and insightful overviews in this report include:

  • Most preferred city for talent who are thinking of relocating.
  • Breakdown of the factors that matter most to candidates by percentages in the different markets.
  • Broad industry and country hiring trends across 11 countries and markets in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Five key industries: Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industry, Technology, Internet & Telecommunications, Consumer & Retail, and Financial Services


HR, Business leaders and Professionals will no doubt find this report to be an invaluable intelligence tool, through which they can gain a clearer perspective of current and future trends. This will help them in making more astute moves in their workforce planning strategies, aligning their talent acquisition processes, and ultimately, scoring greater success at capturing the best talent possible in a highly competitive talent market.  


Full report available here.

Posted On 2019-08-26