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Job number JO-190206-182200

Company overview

Our client is a market research/business intelligence consultancy firm that will provide you with consumer-centric and actionable strategies, and capability-building interventions that empower you to address your current challenges and prepare you for future growth. They create training programs and strategic recommendations fit to your business’ unique needs and circumstances.

Job description

To build and lead the Research and Analytics function: developing well-designed Research solutions; Providing the
Strategy team with accurate and timely processed information and analysis.

• Research team contribution margin
• Research and playbook hours design
• Development of Research/Analytics Tools and Suppliers
• Research cost / Hours within Playbook
• Lead and Manage Accountability


• Required Experience: 10-15 years of related experience
• Mastery of Statistical and Quantitative Analysis Method
• Implement (Moderate and Analyze) Qualitative Researches
• Knowledge of the most updated research methodologies
• Proficiency in Brand and Marketing Strategy Development
• Organization Development and People Management

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