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Company overview

Our client is a growing Australian company and an industry leader in real estate campaign management is currently hiring Digital Media Assistant Manager to join their Manila software development team. Their client uses their software to create, order and track all their office, personal profile and property marketing.

Job description

As a Digital Media Assistant Manager, you will work within the digital marketing department on the implementation and optimisation of client campaigns using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager and other digital channels. This includes other tasks pre and post campaign deployment and working with Account Coordinators or Account Managers on a portfolio of clients. You are expected to ensure all of the client’s online advertising are met in an efficient and timely manner.


To be considered for this role, candidates should have;

● At least five (5) years of significant practice in digital / social media marketing with one (1) year experience working with online on an advertising agency or digital marketing department.
● At least two (2) years of significant experience leading a team and managing individual performance and careers.
● Strong knowledge of best practice in Analytics and Campaign management
● Preferably has experience in e-commerce marketing management
● Must have excellent communication, analytical, project management, and client management expertise

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