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Company overview

Our client is a growing Australian company and an industry leader in full-service property management solution powered by innovative technology solution and quality customer service.

Job description

● Involved in the end-to-end monitoring of the development life cycle of the set user requirements.
● Involved in refining user requirements and specifications to ensure that the correct features are being
delivered to the clients.
● Will work closely with the product director in scoping the product vision and identifying potential
products by conducting competitive analysis.
● Will work closely with the product director in producing time-integrated plans for developing a product introduction and strategies.
● Involved in making sure best practices are being implemented in the real estate business through our
real estate management platform.
● Involved in overseeing user experience throughout the platform.
● Oversees and mentors software engineers (junior and senior) in terms of requirement development.
● Conducts refinement meeting with the Senior Software Engineers (team leads) and Business Analyst to ensure requirements, specifications and the development process and quality are aligned with the
set product vision and strategy.
● Maintains product management performance report and ensures consistent results by counseling,
mentoring and monitoring software engineers.


● Relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.
● Minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in a similar role within the technology industry.
● Has a good mix of creative/UX and technical background in various business lines.
● Has an in-depth understanding of the client needs, business development, and technology innovation especially in the real estate industry.
● Excellent in problem-solving, negotiation, organizational, analytical skills.
● Has knowledge in Product Management, People Management, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Understanding the Customer.

Additional information

Work Location: Makati City
Work Schedule: Mon-Fri, Flexible working hours and follows ANZ Holidays.
● 3 - 6 months regularization depending on the performance
● HMO coverage and dental coverage with 1 eligible dependent
● 20 VLs and 10 SLs half are convertible to cash every July and December

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