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Job number JO-191016-203119

Company overview

Our client is one of the renowned and leading automotive companies in the country.

Job description

Status: Replacement
Role: Managerial
Reporting to: Corporate Finance Manager
Location: Bicutan, Taguig

Job Responsibilities
• Prepare Financial Statement
• Closed company’s books and records by ensuring the required schedules are submitted on time
• Prepares of supporting schedules for financial statements
• Supervises staff in handling Accounts Payables and Accounts Recivables
• Performs Bank Reconciliation monthly
• Check the Preparation of cash and fund count daily
• Check Cash Position Report daily
• Check the Monthly reconciliation of Inventory of PAS (Conducts inventory of vehicle spare parts, accessories and fixed assets monthly)
• Check daily posting of transactions based on repair invoice, parts accessories invoices and official receipts
• Check Preparation of Statement of Accounts of sales and after sales clients (collection letter, etc.)
• Preparation of Vat report, Input and Output tax
• Check the check prepared for Suppliers
• Prepares Vat Reports Monthly
• Prepares withholding tax schedule report monthly
• Performed other accounting- related duties that may be assigned from time to time


Job Qualifications
• Must be CPA
• With 5 years of experience in Finance and Accounting preferably from Automotive, Banking and Finance, and Service industries
• Amenable to work in Taguig
• Amenable to work from 8:30am-5:30pm

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