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Company overview

Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative software logistics solutions and they have over 1000 employees located globally.

They are currently looking for a Country Managing Director to lead their development direction globally and business operations in the Philippines. This is a unique role critical in managing their Philippines operation and driving the company's global software development to world-class standard. You will be reporting to both the Global Head of Products and to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Job description

As a Country Managing Director, you will be responsible for all of the company's business activities in the Philippines as well as ensuring the Philippines software development teams are able to deliver products base on agreed plans. Some key activities would include but will not be limited to:

• Provide architectural governance over the company's products under development
• Ensure software developments are delivered to agreed plans (i.e. schedule, budget and quality targets) and manage changes in plans and requirements, assessing impact and prioritizing with stakeholders
• Participate in the strategic decisions about technology, definition, and implementation of the software products
• Understand and stay abreast of emerging technologies to ensure products stay architecturally up-to-date
• Provide leadership and direction, growing and nurturing a high-performing culture with a focus on continuous talent development
• Oversee daily business operations, including financial management and vendor management
• Evaluate performance and productivity. Look for opportunities to increase efficiencies and speed up processes across the business.
• Research and identify market segment growth opportunities.
• In partnership with and in support of the global business leaders, ensure that the company's product solutions adhere to quality standards and customer service expectations are met.
• Provide support to the company’s marketing and public relations initiatives and activities
• Provide input and support on sales strategy and approach to winning new business
• Carry out regular SWOT analysis to mitigate any potential risks through industry and market changes


To be considered for this role, you must have;
• 3+ years of experience as a Country Business Unit Head
• 5+ years of relevant and proven software engineering experience with strong Java knowledge and current application and database frameworks and tools
• 5+ years of people management leading a software engineering team
• Proven experience in successful delivery of products, on-time and on-quality, to a large, international customer base
• Experience in leading and motivating a large multi-disciplinary, multi-located and multi-cultural team
• Solid experience in designing application solutions for reliability, scalability, manageability and business continuity
• Broad experience with different software development methodologies, with in-depth experience of Agile Processes and their continuous improvement
• Good experience of managing a diverse range of 3rd party suppliers
• Strong understanding of corporate finance and performance measures
• Proven leadership skills with a positive and proactive style
• Experience managing complex employee relations issues
• An ability to think strategically with proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive business plans

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