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Company overview

Our client - a US based Information Technology & Services company has an immediate opening in their Manila office for a Country Manager.

They are looking for a leader who will embrace their values of inspiration, compassion, and passion. Values to celebrate each other’s unique contributions to bring solutions to clients.

If you want to be a part of a winning culture, please continue reading.

Job description

What you’ll do:

• Manage every aspect of their newly expanding operation in country
• Lead the efforts to recruit the very best talent in this new market
• Negotiate with vendors and service providers needed for maintaining local operations & facilities
• Collaborate with local businesses to acquire all necessary resources and services
• Conduct extensive research regarding the market and learn everything possible
• Develop teams with local expertise
• Collaborate with leadership to strategize how best to improve service delivery
• Become a student of the culture, remaining aware of customs and manners always
• Synthesize monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on progress and development
• Network effectively with clients and internal stakeholders and develop strong professional relationships
• Work to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are maintained
• Adapt the business model to be culturally relevant without losing its identity
• Mentor direct reports, especially in regard to their values and vision
• Contribute to the overall global success of their company


To be considered for the role, you must have;

• 10 years’ or more experience in management in international business setting
• Significant experience in the IT Service Delivery fields strongly preferred
• Fluent in the language of the country
• Experience living overseas for an extended period of time
• Exceptionally well organized and driven by success
• Ability to thrive in high-pressure situations
• Outstanding negotiating skills
• Analytical thinker with superior problem solving skills
• Solid history of data-driven strategic development
• Decisive and committed
• A natural leader who inspires and motivates those around them

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