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Job description

*Oversee 12-15 stores within Metro Manila in terms of customer service, profitability, sales training, budget management and general operations.
*Focus on customer experience: Seek to understand the internal/external customer needs and concerns and.
*Ensuring all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way
*Improving operational management systems, processes and best practices
*Helping the organization’s processes remain legally compliant
*Purchase materials, plan inventory and oversee warehouse efficiency
*Formulate strategic and operational objectives
*Examine financial data and use them to improve profitability
*Manage budgets and forecasts
*Perform quality controls and monitor production KPIs
*Recruit, train, coach/mentor and supervise staff
*Find ways to increase quality of customer service
*Should continuously find ways to improve on the quality of customer service and implement best practices across all levels


*At least 7-10 years of working experience in related industries: Wellness & Grooming, Hotel & Restaurant, Retail
*At least 5 years in leadership / managerial capacity and a track record in achieving KPI targets
*Required Skills: excellent customer service, communication, personnel training
*Demonstrable knowledge and experience on: Systems and Processes, Strategic & Budget Planning, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Training & Development
*Someone who aims for continuous improvement that constantly assess and adapt to current standard operating procedures and practices to perform a task better, faster and more efficiently.
*Willing to travel within Metro Manila for fieldwork / stores visit

Additional information

Work location: Makati City
Work schedule: Monday to Friday, regular business hours

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