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Company overview

Our client is a global packaging company that manufactures flexible packaging, specialty cartons, rigid containers, closures and services for major industries. This role is based in Rizal.

Job description

1. The Finance Manager is responsible for assisting the Financial Controller in the following functions:

-Timely and accurate preparation, analysis and submission of management reports and annual and long-range plans to the region
-Coordination with MIS for improvements in report generation
-Maintaining a strong control environment ensuring that internal policies are adhered to, and that internal control assessment are done and corrective actions are taken
-Ensuring efficient conduct of external and internal audits
-Ensuring compliance with tax and other statutory regulations

2. He/She is also responsible for directing, coordinating and supervising activities of the unit.

-Monitor and supervise all sampling, inspection, and laboratory activities required in order to comply with the quality standards set by the company
-Implement changes required by customers in quality control operations and coordinates with departments concerned regarding said changes
-Prepare immediate subordinates schedule and work assignments
-Coordinate with third party contractors on schedules of calibration and preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment and fixtures.
-Supervise or monitor the repair and does post-maintenance work on equipment
-Supervise analysis of raw materials, work in process, finished goods and ensures that results conform to set standards
-Conduct spot checks on process parameters of machines to ensure that finished products are of good quality
-Investigate and analyze quality problems and concerns and recommend temporary or permanent solutions
-Review, evaluate and approve Quality Reports of subordinates

3. Prepare proofing samples for approval of client and retains the master sample for production reference and use during the production run. Prepare working color standard and issues these to production

4. Generate CPAR of non-conforming products for internal and external complaints and rejections

5. Monitor corrective and preventive actions listed in the non-conformity reports and conducts thorough analysis together with production and concerned sections to resolve recurring non-conformances

6. Monitor and validates effectiveness of corrective action

7. Monitor and check quality control and production reports for conformance to product traceability guidelines. Conducts of traceability exercise, if need be


-Graduate of BS Commerce or Accountancy. Must be a Certified Public Accountant
-Experience in management reporting, with extensive exposure in budget preparation
-Experience and skills in handling tax and external audits
-Team player, with the ability to communicate effectively, both in oral and written language
-Preferably with training in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Training related to Finance and Accounting job functions.

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