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Company overview

Our client is a Philippine-based conglomerate which manages mainly in the import and distribution business covering various industries such as Agriculture, Automotives, Healthcare, Industrial and Information Technology.

Job description

Status: New position
Role: Managerial (Build own team)
Reporting Line: CEO / Unit President
Business Unit: Nutriafeeds Trading Corporation (Agriculture & Livestock)

• Facilitation of the purchase and sale of commodity products; the management and supervision of the Sales Team composed of Sales Executives and Sales Coordinator.
• Formulation of sales programs and attainment of approved sales targets; and the continuous development of customer/account base.
• Expected to strictly adhere to the Company’s and Group’s policies and procedures, achieve sales goals, develop and maintain teamwork within the sales team and other departments.
• Make bids to buy and sell commodity products on behalf of the company.
• Purchase and sell commodity products to integrators, manufacturers, and end-users.
• Monitor the condition of the market, i.e. trends, demands, prices, in order to serve as market and product experts to clients, and make educated trades.
• Manage accounts of clients and may be responsible for providing technical advice.
• Receive purchase and delivery instructions from clients, coordinating with logistics to ensure on time deliveries.
• Provide technical advice, often meeting with clients to plan, review, or update their commodity product requirements.
• Develop and lead the sales team in achieving sales targets.
• Review and demand supply chain.
• Undertake other tasks that may be assigned by the Unit President from time to time.


• With at least 5 years of related experience in sales and people management preferably from organizations within trading, commodities, or feeds.
• With a flexible, resourceful, and goal-oriented personality.
• A graduate of any Bachelor’s degree course.
• Amenable to be based in QC.

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