One of our newest clients, a Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company, sought our help in assisting them to fill their Head of Information Technology (IT). The goal was to find a “Female” candidate who will not just match the skills sets required but most importantly, someone who will be just right for the current team and culture. The challenging part was that most IT professionals are male. Client’s reason was to add diversity in the team. In sourcing, we had a hard time looking for females who had a strong background in leading a big team, has led projects in migration, systems integration, network and administration, project management, IT Infrastructure, Data Center Management and at the same time has worked in a regional scope as well. There were only a few of them who had at least 80% of the requirements.

No one was identified from the initial 3 strong profiles presented not even of the second batch of 3. There were several changes on the requirement that led the search for 3 months. Several follow up and calibration happened. Finally, one candidate profile matched. She was the last candidate from the several pool of candidates sourced. The Candidate came from a large IT Firm (software and hardware). Passing all the interviews, the client was very happy to have hired her. To date, our candidate shares about her joy joining such a big and prominent brand in the consumer industry. She is also happy how she was properly and carefully handled.

We were able to fulfill a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) mandate for one of the top local food and beverage companies with rapidly growing international business. The consultant who handled the mandate was aware of the long hiring process of the client. But the CFO post was taking more than the usual cycle time to close a position. So much so that it has taken almost 9 months to complete. The client was very particular with the qualifications and experience they are looking for. They also made sure that a healthy number of executive team was able to interview the candidates.

The challenge was how to keep the candidates warm for such a long time. The shortlisted candidate already found a new job but was still very interested in joining this prestigious company. As the hiring process dragged on, the shortlisted candidates had already been subjected to the extended 60-day resignation notice period in his current employer. And at some point, the same candidate expressed his intention to withdraw his application. Through maintaining open communication lines with the candidate and proactive meetings and call with the client, the candidate was reassured that the client is serious in hiring him despite the extended resignation notice period and that the client is also assured that the candidate will readily sign once the final job offer is presented. After the final interview with the President of the company himself, everything flowed smoothly. The successful candidate was very excited to start his meetings with the executive team even before his official start date in the company.