Client needs a candidate with strong industrial sales background and wide array of network in the Visayas and Mindanao Region. Since the role is going to be based in the province, we had to be creative in sourcing potential candidates but the real struggle did not come from identifying candidates but convincing them to explore this particular opportunity as our client’s presence in Cebu province is not as strong as compared to their presence in Metro Manila. Another challenge was scheduling them for interviews. Overall, we feel that the biggest factor that contributed to this success was conscientiously maximizing and exhausting all sources vis-a-vis understanding deeply the intricacies of the mandate against the candidate’s motivation and career aspiration. We were able to close this search in less than 2 months

We have closed a Technical Project Manager search for a multinational company engaged in power transmission and rail infrastructure. It was a challenging search because of the technicalities involved in the desired skill set was demanded by the client. As this was the case, we had a lot of calibration meetings with the client to get a full understanding of what they really need and match it with the candidate’s skills and competencies. This search took a while hence keeping the candidates warm is a bit difficult. They key is to stay focus and never give up.

We have recently placed the HR Manager for one of our multinational clients in the industrial sector. This requirement has been on-going and was assigned to another vendor, several months prior to our engagement with the client. The approach we took was targeted sourcing vis-a-vis the requirements of the client. In a span of three weeks, with 4 candidate endorsements, the client extended a job offer to one of our candidates. Completion of the required documents and other prerequisites took another week and the candidate was on-board a month later, after rendering her notice period.