One of our key clients, a multinational pharmaceutical company, requested our services for an External Medical Consultant for their metabolic therapy area. As an executive search firm, we don’t normally engage in project-based assignments. However, we made an exception and took on the challenge. To date, we have successfully placed 4 EMC’s in various therapeutic areas with one EMC being considered for a permanent position with the company.

We worked with a Europe-based pharmaceutical company for a Business Unit Director position. This client is known for their high regard for integrity, ethics and very strict hiring process. The client interview process is tough but their reference checking process is even tougher. A thorough reference check needed to be done covering most of the previous employers and even the current employer of the shortlisted candidate. To make it even challenging, the consultant in-charge was specifically tasked by the client to call the President of the current employer for further reference check on a weekend without prior meeting set. It was a tall order but it had to be done. The consultant, through sheer grit and confidence, had to make that call. He was able to have a very pleasant and fruitful conversation with the President. The final reference check report submitted to the client was at least 10 pages. It was a success for both the recruitment team of the client and the consultant. It was through team work that all critical references were completed. After a year in the company, the successful candidate was able to grow the business unit and things are looking very bright for the years to come.