We partnered with a multinational luxury fashion company. They needed someone to fill a very critical client facing role. This person will bring in and retain loyal brand patrons. The person who previously assumed the role is not easy to replace as she is already very well associated with the brand , people from the retail industry know her, and key clients loved her too. Our client got a replacement for her, however, things didn’t work out well hence, she did not last long in the organization. It’s important to note that another search provider was also working on the mandate several months ahead of us and we were able to fill the role within two months only. We were successful at getting someone right because we look beyond skills. The lady candidate we got is compatible with the brand as she has a very amazing personality, the right network and influence in the industry. Above all, she is a fitting brand ambassador of the world leader in the luxury retail space. Our successful candidate and our client company are indeed a match made in heaven.

A key player in the Philippine retail space has reached out to us to assist them in looking for a senior executive for the operations arm of their business. Our client carries the finest international brands in fashion and lifestyle. They were looking for someone who already mastered how to set order, standards, and properly run chain of stores nationwide. We were able to fulfil the search mandate within three months only.
In the retail industry, such senior positions take time before getting filled. Industry know-how, proper client representation, and good candidate management skills made this search easy to close. Our Executive Search Consultants showed the potential candidates both the good side and challenges of the company they represent. The person we placed accepted the role not just because of the reputation and the brands under the organization; she also looked at the challenges of the organization and the role positively as it will give her a lot of opportunity to show what she got. Our successful candidate is still happily connected with our client company for over a year now.