We were referred by one of our regional offices to hire a Country Head for a start up on line travel company in the Philippines. It was a new industry to work with for the Philippine team. The team had to map out companies in the same industry as our client. It is a very competitive and very exclusive industry. As expected from a newly set up company, the hiring process took longer than usual. The challenge was in keeping warm the candidate that the client had shortlisted for the role. Due to the protracted hiring process, at one point, the shortlisted candidate expressed his intention to withdraw his application because he doubted the client’s seriousness in hiring him since it has taken months for the next steps to be firmed up. Through consistent and clear communication efforts with the client and candidate, the latter put his trust in the client.

After going further in the hiring process, the candidate readily accepted the job offer. He is now proud of his employer and within less than 6 months, he was able to grow the business from a one-man to a team of over a dozen. The company is now making its name known in the Philippine market.