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In today’s interconnected and globalised world, your organisation’s reputation matters more now than ever before. Your potential job applicants will tend to search online to find out what the top companies are to work for in your industry.

“These job seekers will be dissuaded from working for companies known to have a negative work-culture reputation,” warns David Chan, Greater China Regional Head and CEO, Bo Le Associates. “Based on RGF’s Talent in Asia survey, 42% of employers across Asia understand that they need to improve their employer branding to attract and retain talent.”

In this article, we share what it means to cultivate a powerful employer brand that attracts and retains top talent.


What is Employer Branding?

An employer brand is essentially your company’s reputation and the perception of your company as a work environment from your employee’s point of view. Just because your organisation has a strong brand in relation to its products or service, doesn’t mean it has a strong employer brand that will attract and retain talented job seekers. Just imagine what one of your employees would say when asked: “what is it like working at X?”

A strong employer brand will reduce turnover rates, attract qualified candidates and cut costs-per-hire.


Hire Based on Your Corporate Values

Based on an online survey, our candidates have listed that the most important information they are looking for when considering a potential employer is the organisation’s work culture and values. Focus on projecting your company’s mission, values, vision and culture. Doing this will help you attract the kind of workers who will not only be efficient in their role, but also have a strong personal relationship with the company.

Identify what your business needs and the vacant positions available to understand what kind of talent your organisation needs. When structuring interview questions, it is important to base your questions not only around the desired skillset, but to gauge how compatible they are with the organisation’s work environment.


Conduct an Employer Brand Audit

Your perception of the company from the executive level can be radically different from your employees on the ground. Sending out anonymous internal surveys to your current employees is a good way to find out how realistic your perception of your own brand is. You can also conduct social media searches on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Glassdoor to find out what the best parts of your organisation are, and the aspects that can be improved. Work on maintaining your company’s strengths and improve on your weaker areas to build a stronger employer brand.


Use Different Forms of Media to Showcase Your Organisation’s Story

It isn’t enough to just advertise your brand through one form of media. Use different mediums like videos, blogs and photos to have a diverse yet cohesive image. Ensure that every piece of media you release is of professional standard and of high quality. You can even release behind-the-scenes media to put a more human face to your company. Some 62 per cent of survey respondents based on an online survey have also stated that their own company’s career site is the best channel for them to build an employer brand, followed by LinkedIn where 56% of respondents think that it’s the best channel.


Develop an Employer Value Proposition

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) portrays the values and culture of your company in terms of the practical benefits your employees can gain. Having many different opportunities to learn and grow through your company will increase your EVP. Your employees are more likely to be actively engaged if the company has an effective EVP.


Offer learning and development opportunities

Workers tend to leave their jobs because of stagnation. By allowing your employees to pursue courses and upgrade their skillsets, you are both increasing your company’s attractiveness and productivity. It’s basically a 2-in-1 deal. It demonstrates your organisation’s emphasis on continuous learning while increasing the retention rates of your current employees.


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David Chan

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