The Millenial Employees

Millennials make up a huge percentage in the workforce, according to, “by 2025, Millennials Will Comprise Three-Quarters of the Global Workforce”. Further, citing workplace behaviours of milennials, the New York Times published an article on the 19th of March 2016 written by Ben Widdicombe, titled “What Happens when Millennials Run the Workplace”, which described millennials as social media savvy and has a sense of entitlement. Stitching these stigmas we could summarise that the millennials are those that lived in times when the internet and advance portable technology just finished infancy.


But how do we retain Millennials in the workplace? 


  • Millennials want to be in an organization that will “support” them. Contrary to popular belief, they are not driven primarily by a goal to amass money. According to Gallup they found that “48% of millennials say that overall compensation is extremely important to them when seeking new job opportunities” but they place other attributes aside from income. These traits include, having career growth and career advancement; with an organization that would provide trainings and solid programs that would open opportunities for them in the future.
  • Second, Millennials are technology driven, they are interested in technological advances in order to market new ideas and innovate old ones. They consistently adapt by being adept with the new stuff.
  • Lastly, a positive working environment, where they feel empowered, has good relationship with their colleagues and work life balance.  Millenials that are working in the recruitment industry can attest that it is challenging and fulfilling at the same time and the work environment and relationships has a huge impact on their performance at the company.

There are, as well, countless misconceptions about the millennials and their ethics in the workplace but everything boils down to personality and not about which “generation” you belong to. Millennials and like other employees wanted the same things – work life balance, career advancement, fair compensation and to do things they are passionate about.





 About the Author:

Alyssa Banal is currently working as a Senior Research Consultant of Banking in one of the Top Executive Search Firm in the PhilippinesRGF Executive Search Philippines. She has 5 years of experience in Human Resources and Technical Recruitment with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Services Industry.


Posted On 2019-07-25