RGF Executive Search Philippines Brand Launch

The launch of our new name, RGF Executive Search Philippines last Friday, October 21 at Discovery Primea was a winning night to remember. We have formally announced the transition from Bo Le Associates Philippines (the leading executive search firm in Asia) to a stronger affiliation under RGF. This event was hosted by our very own consultants, Benjie Alvarez (FMCG Practice Head) and Mae Mendoza (IT/ Telecommunications/ BPO Practice Head).

Benjie Alvarez Mae Mendoza Rgf Executive Search Philippines Launch 2016

Benjie Alvarez and Mae Mendoza

Introducing Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd. and Recruit Global Family was significant for the attendees to understand the business and they witnessed the rich history and inspiring vision of Recruit Global Family (RGF) via an animated video presentation. This was followed by the opening remarks of Takashi Kuzuhara, President and CEO of RGF. His executive team Nakashige-san (COO and Selection Division Head), Soda-san (Sales and Support) and Asuka-san (Business Planning) were also present in the event mingling with several executives and introducing RGF.

Takashi Kuzuhara Rgf Executive Search Philippines

Takashi Kuzuhara , President and CEO of RGF

Utilizing social media as a tool to further spread word regarding the networking event, Loraine Aguilar (Senior Research Associate) introduced an icebreaker which was the “Hash tag of the night” game. The goal was to mingle and take lots of pictures and post it on all social media using the #RGFPHLaunch. The attendees were participative enough and started cooperating with the game. This eventually led to further engagement.

Rgf Executive Search Philippines2 Launch

Rgf Executive Search Philippines1 Launch

What an honour it was to have one of the greatest economists of our time to speak at our event. Our Senior Consultant, Jade Jalmasco (Pharmaceutical/ Healthcare Practice Head) introduced renowned speaker, Dr. Bernardo Villegas. He is a Filipino writer, thinker and economist. The topic he discussed about was “The Philippine Economy – Next Asian Tiger Economy” specifically under the current administration. This subject was very fitting with the current issues in the country and internationally, furthermore how it would affect several future businesses. He focused on discussing the possible forecast of the Philippine economy and its effect on the country. He talked about factors that are and will be vital to the economy’s growth such as the Youth, BPO, Infrastructure, Tourism, OFW, Public-Private Partnerships, Agriculture and Manufacturing. He also discussed President Rodrigo Duterte’s Socioeconomic Agenda regarding tax, macroeconomic policies, investing in human capital development, health and education systems; promotion of science, technology and creative arts, strengthening implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law. The theme was attention-grabbing and incredibly enlightening that it sparked quite a few questions from the audience. It also changed a lot of perspectives on the current administration, either positive or negative. His dialogue ended with a question and answer portion and then the most awaited luscious dinner serving along with drinks. Networking and mingling continued even during dinner, the conversations seemed almost very interactive following Dr. Villegas’s speech.

After the sumptuous dinner, the hosts called on stage Rubi Benitez (Managing Director) for the closing remarks. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all of the attendees despite their busy schedules and the approaching weekend. Rubi emphasized that with a combined 26 years of strong and successful business presence in the executive search industry; our new name reflects our global presence as a wholly owned subsidiary of RGF or Recruit Global Family. She also shared a powerful quote from Phil Jackson, the greatest coach in NBA history, “The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team”. Each team member inherently feels a responsibility to something bigger and bolder than themselves. We may be of different industries but the diversity of each is what unites and makes RGF Executive Search a strong presence in the executive search business. This year has been dealing with many changes and the way one adapts to said changes yet we guarantee that the level of our commitment and service engagement will remain of top quality.

Posted On 2016-10-27